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The Art Department is a boutique, Ottawa-based web and digital creative consultancy built on the idea that finely-tuned experiences are shaped by innovative thinking, experimentation, and above all, collaboration.

We are creative strategists and strategic creatives: seasoned problem-solvers who remove the layers and overhead of agencies to work directly with your team, learn your audience’s story, and design experiences with impact.


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Brand + Story
UX, Visual + Web Design
Film + Motion


  • Associations
  • Rights + Environment
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  • Higher Education
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adept An Accelerated Approach To Innovation.


Designed around speed, collaboration, and experimentation, Adept accelerates problem-solving and helps teams quickly identify opportunities for innovation.

By working with your team to collaboratively focus on issues and then design solutions as a group — on the spot — we ensure teams take ownership over business goals, start thinking like their customers, and unite on a vision for a better product.

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Great Creative Comes From Experience.

Everyone has the capacity to be creative. We’ve chosen to spend our lives at it.

Our team is led by craftsmen with ten, fifteen, and twenty years under their belts, each with their own unique set of skills, and all sharing in a passion for delivering beautiful, functional, and meaningful creative.

Ben Waldman.

Ben Waldman

Specializing in brand, product development, and UI since 1999, Ben is recognized for his ability to synthesize limited information while ensuring complex problems get an elegant solution.

Gary Jansz.

Gary Jansz

Gary is a champion of user-first design with 10 years of experience working as both UX designer and digital strategist, and now a powerful facilitator focused on co-creation and 
Lean UX design.

Christian Sauvé.

Christian Sauvé

Formerly Web Design Lead at Corel, Christian is Art Director who has spent the last 20 years developing a keen eye for beauty and detail, backing his designs with data to drive engagement.

Kelly Khan.

Kelly Khan

From project management to business development, HR to operations, there are few corners of running an agency that Kelly Khan hasn't had her hands in over the past 20 years.

Neil Dowling.

Neil Dowling

Featured at Cannes, nominated for a UK Music Video award, awarded at the Lift-Off festival, Neil is a writer, director and producer who uses film to tell engaging stories around the globe.


Question. Listen. Think. Design. Repeat. Whatever you’re working on, there’s a good chance it’s been done before. So what? Do it better. Your work isn't yours, it belongs to your audience. Work with people who are better than you. Be thick-skinned. Listen and learn, dammit. A ‘no’ is just a ‘yes’ that hasn’t been impressed yet. Work smart, not late. Invest in good gear: it will save you time, and it looks cool. Failing that, find a pencil. Never do multiple comps: the best design is the best design… period. Break it. Clean it up. Make it better. If you use good design to do bad things, you deserve a punch in the neck. Be a better human. Never confuse social media with a social life: the dancing is better in the real world. Working down to the wire is exciting. It will also kill you in the long run. Take care of your eyes, your hands, your ears, and your back: you can’t create without them. Stick to your word. You can’t do business with out it. Always answer the phone. Parking is never easy, just show up early. Be honest, authentic and true to yourself. Teach someone, share what you know, and give back. Get out. Travel. Do something different. Be bold. Take risks. Be inspired.


Let's Make Great Stuff Together.